Cal Sawyer

Cal Sawyer — The Seeker Series

Cal Sawyer isn’t just any man. Cal Sawyer is the epitome of the Wild West. Raised by Paiute Indians in the unsettled regions of Northern Nevada, Cal learns what he needs to know in order to avenge the massacre of his people at the hands of a wild bunch of white men.
Eventually the young white man, who thinks like a Paiute, adopts back into the white man culture. He is slowly re-introduced to white man ways, but never fully leaves behind the teachings that his Paiute father and mother have bestowed upon him.
When Cal is led to the southern end of the state in pursuit of a death-dealing bunch of men, he must utilize every skill available to him in order to avoid certain death.
Filled with details and experiences that show the evolution in the growth of a young man into adulthood, this book is a prime example of making wise choices, even at an early age, in order to excel in life.


The Seeker Series is a series of four books built chronologically in a few short months of Cal Sawyer’s life.  Although each book is built to stand-alone, they each form an interesting episode in the tapestry of Cal’s life.