Eagles Don’t Hunt Flies

A’tambe is the son of a local fisherman who never expected to be anything different than a fisherman himself.  The boy first comes to the local wiseman’s attention when he helps gather the people to safety from the force of an approaching brutal storm.  Later on, the wiseman remembers the lad when it comes time to help an old man discover how he can live again by serving others.  Being the caretaker of the eagles, the old man is willing to teach an assistant if it is just the right apprentice.  In a match that is as unusual as it is unlikely, the young boy and the eldest member of the community discover they are soulmates in their care of the great sea eagles.
Later in his life, the newlywed, A’tambe, must help recover an ancient artifact for the benefit of his people.  His success will ensure the survival of the people, but his defeat would not only ensure his own death but would also bear grave consequences for the people.