The Jungle of Caras’cuvia comes to life in The Python Steps.
Abriiodne Tatacana or “Brii” for short, is orphaned when a gang of invaders attack the village where his father rules as Chieftain.  The young boy must survive the apathy and antagonism expressed towards him after the devastating attack. Ironically, the ambivalence of his fellow villagers makes the developing youngster stronger, more caring and an overachiever as he tries to win over their love.
With a little help from the new chief along with the village Wiseman, the young boy develops and grows into something better than the people ever could have expected.
This is the first of a three-part series which expands to even include a fourth, bonus novel.  All three books are standalone, with great self-contained stories.  This is the story for you if you want a full-bodied novel about youth growing into manhood with weaknesses and strengths not normally exhibited by lesser two-dimensional characters.
A strong storyline and plot pits evil against good with no varying shades between what is black and what is white.  The heroes and villains in this novel are immediately identifiable and provide strong support for those who want to choose good all the days of their lives.